Monday, September 13, 2010

Nightlight: A Parody by The Harvard Lampoon

     Belle Goose falls in love with Edwart Mullen in this parody of Twilight. She lives in Switchblade, Oregon, and is looking for a vampire boyfriend. She thinks Edwart is a vampire and attempts to convince him to make her a vampire too, by stalking him.

     I know this book was supposed to be funny, but I just didn't like it. Some things were funny, I'll give it that. For the most part though, I think this book went much too far. This could be because I actually happened to enjoy the Twilight saga, but I won't go into fan-girl mode at the moment.
     Belle stalks Edwart and Edwart is creeped out by girls. None of the words that come out of anyone's mouth seem even remotely real. Most importantly, it doesn't even really make that much sense! I couldn't follow what was going on very well.
     It was actually fairly hilarious the way the authors changed the names though. Belle Goose is Bella Swan. A goose is a type of bird, as is a swan... get it?  ;)
     Rating:  1
      -- I really hate to give the book this low of a rating, but I just couldn't connect with it. I'm sure some people might actually like Nightlight, so give it a try if you'd like. I am most certainly not an expert on books!
     If you would like to read Nightlight, try Amazon.


anjohnston said...

I was worried it would try to parody Twilight too closely and not be a GOOD book that happens to be parodying something and it seems from your review that this is what it was. It went for all the obvious jokes. I'm a Twilight fan but I can definitely understand why it's so easy to parody. Thanks for the honest review.

@lex said...

I'm sure some people enjoyed it. In fact, we read it in my book club at school and a few people though it was absolutely hilarious. I just didn't.