The Geek Herself

     I'm Alex and I am most certainly a geek, hence the title! Why am I on the brink and what am I on the brink of? I have no idea, it just sounded good.
     I participate in the sport of tripping up the stairs, because I am just that talented.  I happen to actually like school (gasp!), just not the homework. I enjoy learning and eventually I'd like to be a veterinarian and maybe even a writer on the side.
     I started this blog for the same reason every other book blogger started theirs. I love books and reading, so I decided to share that love with you. Reading is my passion. It is the one thing that I love to do the most.
     I realize that there are many people out there that detest the art of reading (yes, it is an art), but I can't understand why! I call these people crazy. A world without books would be... so horrible and close-minded! I can barely even imagine it.
     Reading allows me to escape for a bit. I love this world, but the world of words, now that is something magnificent. It feels great to slip into someone else's skin and just be them for a while, to see the world from their eyes or to even visit a new world completely.

     I would love to hear from you! As I am a geek, your comments and emails thrill me. They also make me feel just a little special, like getting stuff in the mail... You can comment, or email me at: