Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

     John Tyree was bored with his life after high school, so he joined the army. He does well in the army and advances. On a two-week leave, he goes home to Wilmington, North Carolina where he meets Savannah Lynn Curtis. She knocks her purse off the pier into the ocean and John heroically jumps in after it. Through the rest of his vacation, John and Savannah grow closer and fall in love. Savannah vows that she will wait until his time in the army is up. What no one knows is that 9/11 will happen, leaving John to sign up for another two years. Through it all, they learn what true love actually means. 

     I've heard great things about this book, and, of course, there is now a movie out. Everyone says that it's a beautiful love story. So, I read it. I can't say that I really agreed with the raving comments about it. Don't get me wrong though, it wasn't a terrible book, but it just wasn't for me. I am a sucker for love stories though, and this one still made me swoon a bit.
     I couldn't see Dear John going anywhere. It seemed to just be wandering, telling about some of John's life, but with no definite plot line. It did pick up though, after he met Savannah. Who doesn't love when people fall for each other? That's right, no one.
     I think my favorite person was John's father. He was a quiet man who stuck stubbornly to his routines. At times it may have seemed as if he didn't love his son, but that was utterly untrue. Maybe he couldn't show his affection the way most people do, but he did the best he could for John none the less.
     I also loved Savannah. She was witty and kind. She was also beyond compassionate. The whole reason she was in Wilmington that summer was because she was working with Habitat for Humanity. Savannah is so passionate about her work too. She truly wants to help people. I understood her quite well. In fact, I can almost see myself as a college student like Savannah in a few years. She isn't a party girl but she doesn't look down on those who are.
     Dear John was a good book, just not my favorite. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes love stories.
     Rating: 4.5
     You can find Dear John at almost any store that sells books.

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