Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Merlin's Harp by Anne Eliot Crompton

     This is a new version of the tale of Arthur in the perspective of the Fey. Niviene is the daughter of the Lady of the Lake in Avalon. She lives with her mother, Nimway, and her brother, Lugh, in the woods away from most of the other Fey. Niviene is head-strong and very proud of her Fey heritage. Eventually she is pulled into the human world for more than some fun. Arthur's kingdom is in danger from a Saxon invasion so Niviene agrees to help as Merlin's apprentice.

     I liked this book for the most part, but I do admit that it was extremely slow to start. I couldn't really relate to Niviene or her fellow Fey for the first half of the book. Niviene was too conceited, too closed-off. It was difficult to get inside her head, if that makes any sense. Merlin's Harp wasn't really my thing, but there were some great things about it and I'm sure some people would love it.
     I thought the underlying moral of Merlin's Harp was insightful though. Being yourself was always important to Niviene and I think she did a great job maintaining the true image of herself. She didn't allow the ideas of others to change her. Although, Niviene was a bit naive at times.
     My favorite character was definitely Merlin. He was so wise, but he could make mistakes just like the rest of us. He was also truly humble and compassionate. Throughout the novel, Niviene learned so much from Merlin and his ways.
     Rating: 5
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