Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cassandra Clare Mega Giveaway

     Have I ever mentioned how much I l-o-v-e the Mortal Instruments series? Well, I do! They have to be some of my favorite books ever, to be quite honest. My best friend handed me the first book in the series (City of Bones) randomly one day last year. Thank goodness she did, otherwise I would have seriously been missing out.
     Now, on to something more fantastic than my boring life... Paperback Dolls is giving away some major prizes. I mean, huge, fabulous, wonderful, to-die-for prizes.  ;)
     As I understand it, there will be three winners: two runners up and a grand prize winner. Among the goodies to be claimed are signed copies of the entire Mortal Instruments series (Yes!), a signed copy of the soon to be released Clockwork Angel (be still my beating heart), and some other things including engraved bookmarks (absolutely amazing). If you'd like to enter this contest (who wouldn't??), simply visit the Paperback Dolls giveaway.

     I should have reviews of these up soon! Good luck entering the contest!


Christina said...

Did you know I still have never read those?

*Runs away from flying shoes*

It's true, but I have all three of them sitting on my bookshelf right now. I have to get on that. lol

I'm excited about the next three though!

@lex said...

You are such a dork! Seriously though, you need to read them!
I know, I can't wait for all of the new ones to come out!

Christina said...

I plan on it :)

I have two review books to read before them but then they're next.

The last one doesn't come out until 2013! How insane is that?! The world could be over then... lol

Oh and I love the dork comment. :) I take it as a compliment!