Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love, Meg by C. Leigh Purtill

     Meg is just your average teenage kid. Or, rather, she wants to be. Lucie, her sister, stood in the way of that ordinary life by moving them around a lot. What else could she do since they had no other family and she needed a job?
     When Meg finds out about Lucie's long kept secret, her world flips upside down and inside out. She travels to New York to meet the family she didn't know existed and along the way she discovers some things about herself, Lucie, and where she truly belongs.

     I half expected this to be the same old parents die, sisters left to struggle through the world together kind of story. It wasn't really. There were more twists in the plot than that. I was also expecting it to be a light, summery read. Again, it wasn't really. At least, not light in the way of emotional baggage that Meg carries. Although, it wasn't a bad read for the summer...
     Meg is a bit of a snarky character and I love her for it. She's had it rough what with the constant moving. It would be hard for anyone: having to go to a new school, make new friends, and impress new teachers. So, she kind of builds a wall. Meg doesn't really let herself get close to anyone. I can't really blame her because Lucie isn't such a wonderful role model. In fact, I disliked her throughout the majority of the book. Then Meg goes to New York.
     There she meets the perfect guy, Juny. He is smart, athletic, and completely adores her. I admire Purtill for creating such a realistic character. Juny doesn't fawn over her obsessively, but he does care. Nor is he one of those mysterious guys that seem to be in quite a few YA books. You know, the ones who the heroines know little about and yet fall for instantly.
     Meg also finally finds some friends that she seems to be herself around... and they accept her. My favorite part of the book is when Meg goes to Nikki's Christmas party. Of course, she also meets her family. They leave something to be desired, to put it kindly.
     The plot is way better than I had thought it might be. It really had some depth to it. The author did a wonderful job of writing in Meg's voice. I could relate to her. Her worries, ambitions, and experiences became mine as I read.
     Rating: 6.8

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