Friday, October 1, 2010


     Awesome sauce, I have officially been tagged! ;) Let's see here...

4 Things in My Handbag
  • Germ- X (because you never know when you might need to clean your hands! I am NOT a germophobe)
  • Books a Million gift card and discount card
  • Sunglasses with one lens missing (I loved them too)
  • camera (because I like to preserve my memories)
4 Things In/On My Desk
  • Books (duh!)
  • Mail (it makes me feel special)
  • Fuze drink (the pina colada one that is quite tasty)
  • My awesome, brand new phone
4 Favorite Things in My Bedroom
  • Bed (on which I do all of that lovely sleeping I am so fond of)
  • Bookshelves (need I say more?)
  • Radio ( la ti da...)
  • Papier mache Hershey's kiss (I made it and it is awesome. enough said.)
4 Things I've Always Wanted to Do  (But Haven't Yet)
  • Skydive (why not?)
  • Get a degree from Harvard (I'm dreaming big, okay)
  • Travel the world (I want to experience as much as possible in the short time I have on this Earth)
  • Take a roadtrip with my friends (I can only imagine being stuck in a car, alone, with them for days... ;D)
4 Things I Enjoy Very Much At the Moment
  • Sleeping (have I mentioned this?)
  • Reading (if you are reading this, chances are you share the same sentiment)
  • Going to the Drive-in Movie Theatre (it is out in the woods and absolutely beautiful)
  • Writing
4 Songs I Can't Get Out of My Head
  • I believe I can fly (which has been stuck in my head since around April but I don't know why)
  • The eBay song from Weird Al (great satirical example)
  • The Boys of Summer by Don Henley(the only part that is stuck in my head is "Don't look back, you can never look back.")
  • Bad Day by someone I don't know
4 Things You Don't Know About Me
  • I have been to Mexico
  • I secretly love the Hallmark channel and Lifetime (no mocking!)
  • I am technologically incompetent (what can I say?)
  • My mother and I are very close (oddly enough, I don't think I've ever mentioned her)
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Christina said...

Oh Noes! I thought it was YALE we were dreaming of?

And you tagged me. I have been tagged twice today, and I already did one so the post is tomorrow, I may save this one for next week. :)

Good thing they had different questions! lol