Monday, October 25, 2010

Of Witches and Warlocks: The Trouble with Spells by Lacey Weatherford

     This is my first official book that I received for review! You have no idea how excited I was about this opportunity! Thank you so much Lacey.

     Portia Mullins has just turned sixteen and has had a bomb dropped on her. She is a witch, descended from a long line of other witches and warlocks on her father's side. This isn't exactly what she had planned on hearing, especially not on her birthday. That she was being given a car, maybe, but that she is a witch? It would be a bit difficult for anyone to wrap their head around, but she manages. Plus, it means she gets to hang out with Vance Magnum more, and who could resist that?
     Portia and Vance are drawn to each other. They begin to fall in love. When secrets from Vance's past surface, it is up to Portia to save those that she loves.

     Wow! I think that about sums this up. It was an amazing read full of romance, action, and quite a few laughs too. Lacey Weatherford is definitely a talented writer. I felt like I was right there with the characters the whole time. There were no slow spots, but I don't mean to say that it went too fast either. I stayed up all night to read it! :)
     My only complaint is that Portia and Vance fell in love a little too fast. One moment it was sort of a crush and the next they were spending every waking moment together claiming to be soul mates. To redeem this, of course, is that both Vance and Portia realized how quickly their relationship was moving, so it wasn't as if they were oblivious. I just wish they would have gotten to know one another a bit better before they fell head-over-heels in love.
     I loved Portia, I really did. She was independent and fiercely protective of the people she loved. Plus, she wasn't an idiot by any means. She was sweet and honest. I liked that Portia had a good relationship with her parents and grandmother as well. I could feel her joy, her anguish, and every emotion as if it were my own!
     Vance, well, yeah. Sigh. He had the whole mystery thing going for him. That and the good looks! He was great though. Him and Portia were cute together and I loved how much he cared about her. It was so sweet! He made me laugh sometimes too, just the things he would say...
     I thought the plot in this book was fantastic! It drew me in from the first page and kept me reading. Everything seemed so real, as if it could have really happened. The magic was cool too! Portia was immensely strong and it was fun 'watching' her try out her powers.
     Rating: 9.75
     Find this amazing book at the Of Witches and Warlocks website or Amazon!

*The fact that I received this book from the author did not influence my opinion of it in any way. This was my honest review.

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