Friday, July 23, 2010

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

     Impulse was an... interesting read, to say the least. It follows three teens as they receive help after they've made attempts on there lives in a rehab facility, Aspen Springs. Tony is the pill popper, Vanessa the cutter and Conner the gun wielder. All of them have deep, dark secrets that are the key to their success, or their demise.
     Ellen Hopkins did the world of poetry such justice in this book. I thought it was amazing that she managed to weave three different stories together, all in verse. It was beautiful and powerful. How she was able to pick the perfect words to convey the elements of the story, I've no idea, but she did so well.
     Vanessa seemed like the kind of girl I could get along with. She was generally good-natured and intelligent. She cared about people. At the same time though, Vanessa had some serious flaws. Don't we all? Her family life left some love to be desired. Tony and Conner missed out on the love in their homes too. 
     I think that's the most important thing these three are seeking: love. Sadly, they already looked in the wrong places and look where it got them. Still, they have the potential to make their lives better and find the kind of love they are truly looking for. Vanessa needs to move on after the death of her mentally ill mother and the secrets surrounding the incident. Tony has to figure out who he is and what he wants out of life. Then, there is Conner. If only he could escape the suffocation of disappointed parents.
     Impulse was definitely inappropriate at certain points and even a bit too graphic for some readers. I was actually quite disturbed by some of the things in the book. Regardless, I enjoyed the lessons that it offers and the plot that was developed.
     Rating: 6
     To read Impulse, look for it at Amazon or Barnes&Noble.

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