Monday, July 19, 2010

One in a Million by Kimberla Lawson Roby

        Kennedi Mason is living her happily ever after with her husband, Blake. Her world is changed drastically when Blake decides he wants a divorce though. What he doesn't know is that Kennedi just found out that she had every number on the Mega Millions lottery ticket she had bought on a whim.
     Kennedi is devastated at first, but she quickly makes up her mind that Blake shouldn't receive even one cent of her winnings. She then sets about the task of figuring out her life without Blake.

     One in a Million reminded me of a Lifetime movie (which I have a secret love of). It wasn't something I would normally read, that's for sure. Some of the dialogue in the book seemed slightly forced, in my opinion. I didn't think it flowed as well as it could have. Despite this, I didn't dislike the book, it just wasn't my favorite.
     Kennedi was actually a fairly interesting character. While the fact that her husband was divorcing her was despairing, she didn't just moan about the fact throughout the entire book. She was able to get on with her life and realize that she didn't need him.     
     Obviously, I despised Blake. He was a complete jerk in the book! I must say that I almost felt bad for him even though he was so terrible. He was just so pathetic.
     All in all, this wasn't a horrible book. If you are a feminist in any way, you can probably appreciate some of the sentiments in the book. :D
     Rating: 3.5
     If you'd like to read One in a Million, check Amazon or Barnes&Noble.

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